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Door descriptions posted in Urban Decay

Hi All,

Over the past days I have written some descriptions in comments for Urban Decay pictures of doors. Unfortunately the photographers don't seem to want to play in this sandbox, but in case you want another couple entrances to read, here are the links:Kfenup Nigatit Sharshly

Some people are very visual, and don't really get text, or see why their picture might be enhanced by a story made up about it. It's understandable. I never seem to get positive or negative feedback about my fanciful comments, so I guess I am not making too much of a pest out of myself.

And they were some tasty doors :)

Edit: I just did another: Phosmanc

It seemed like he was asking, but I am not sure. I didn't want to disapoint in any case if I had it in me to write one.
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