Hell's Portals

Brighten Your Day with a Look at the Dark Side!

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This community is about taking picture of somehow demonic looking doors and openings, and then coming up with fictional stories about their satanic purposes. These postings are entertainment, and any serious religous thought or practice belongs in some other community. Though there might be some social commentary involved, or some venting of personal problems and demons, it is meant to be all in fun and a place where people get to stretch their creative selves, since we all often have to repress that so much of the time.

I am Edith and posts will be a moderated. I am not on the internet all the time, so there may be a delay, but perhaps I will find someone's who will help moderate it with me. Appropriate postings are:

1) Pictures of doors or openings (try to keep the size down for those of us bandwidth/monitor challenged)
2) Descriptions of entrances to hell, or
3) combinations of both of the above

Good ideas, comments and (hopefully constructive) criticism can be posted in the comments.

Brighten people's day with a look at the dark side!